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Ambassadors of World Wildlife (AWW) strives to preserve biodiversity while ensuring the protection and coexistence of global ecosystems from the adverse impact of human infringement.

Main Purpose

The main purpose of Ambassadors of World Wildlife is to help assist people and improve their coexistence with local wildlife. This will be accomplished through education, training and charitable assistance.
AWW traveled to Lakipia Nature Conservancy in December of 2016 and hand-delivered 50 brand new park ranger uniforms, backpacks with hydration bladders, gloves, and socks. AWW also donated brand new boots, eye protection glasses, GPS devices, and binoculars. AWW trained rangers and scouts for a week on the ground to help them better perform their difficult jobs. AWW is currently building up the next round of gear and supplies for future missions.


Below you can see all of the places we have impacted

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