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Past Programs

AWW has worked with a team of 50 rangers at the Laikipia Nature Conservancy at the Gallmann Africa Conservancy (GMF/GAC) in an effort to aid these men and women to meet the high and dangerous demands of their anti-poaching mission. The GMF/GAC is a nonprofit charitable organization active in Ol ari Nyiro, Laikipia Nature Conservancy, West Laikipia, Northern Kenya. It was created by Kuki Gallmann to honor the memory of her late husband, Paolo Gallmann, and son, Emanuele Pirri-Gallmann, who both died tragically in Africa, and are buried in Ol ari Nyiro. Located at the edge of the Great Rift Valley, the conservancy is dedicated to creative, sustainable conservation – “People and wildlife flourishing together, through research, education, and the arts.”
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There has been a surge in demand for illegal ivory and other exotic animal products, resulting in a surplus of poachers on the conservancy. AWW has provided medical training, advising expertise, and gear donations to not only meet the poaching problem head on, but to further conservation efforts into the future. AWW’s main goal is to have a lasting positive effect on the conservancy and help improve the overall protection of the sanctuary from further damage. The skills and experience provided by AWW integrated well with GMF/GAC. Collectively, AWW helped find solutions to dynamic and unique problems. AWW unfortunately cannot single-handedly solve these complex issues, nor can efforts instantaneously solve all problems; however, AWW has collectively partnered and leveraged our resources to further animal conservation at the Gallman Africa Conservancy.
Up to this point AWW has been self-funded with no donor support. Members have dedicated their own time and resources to demonstrate the power of community action and to prove AWW is here to help for the right reasons. AWW donated 50 sets of uniforms, boots, daypacks, hydration pouches, gloves, and boots to better equip the rangers that patrol the nature conservancy. Additionally, communication equipment, GPS hardware, clothing, and binoculars were also donated to the rangers to better assist them in performing their difficult daily duties. AWW is driven to provide results through action rather than words to show the world how just a few individuals with a passion for wildlife conservation can come together, raise awareness, and positively impact global issues with the same fierce commitment as those who seek to destroy it. We started as a ripple but can eventually generate the power of a tidal wave.

Current Programs

AWW has partnered with the International Coalition of Rhino Protection (ICORP) which operates in Namibia, Mozambique, and South Africa protecting Africa’s most endangered wildlife. In Namibia alone, ICORP is protecting 93 rhinos which are in constant threat of being poached. ICORP also works as first line defense and buffer against poaching gangs using the Lebombo Conservancy in Mozambique to kill rhinos in neighboring Kruger National Park. The Greater Lebombo Conservancy (GLC), an area of 2,483 km2, is currently the most critical piece of land on the planet for rhino conservation. It is all that stands between the worlds highest concentrations of rhino and the world’s highest concentration of rhino poaching syndicates.
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AWW is currently working with ICORP to plan a mission to Namibia and Mozambique to help assist ICORP in support of its scouts and rangers. AWW is attempting to fully outfit and equip two ranger teams with much needed gear and training. One team is located in Namibia and the other is located in Mozambique. Each ranger team is comprised of 6 rangers. AWW will travel to Namibia and Mozambique for a 14 day trip to donate equipment and to provide charitable assistance. AWW will also train, advise, and assist rangers on the ground in both locations. AWW’s mission is to fully equip and outfit these 12 rangers with new and much needed mission critical gear in order to help facilitate them to better perform their selfless duties. This gear will consist of new uniforms, boot, gloves, backpacks with hydration bladders, socks, eye protection and GPS devices. AWW will also be donating two medical rucks and individual medical kits to each ranger. Additionally, AWW is planning to donate eight thousand dollars to outfit a ranger post in Mozambique with a drinkable water supply. The eight thousand dollars will be used to complete the construction of a water supply line. This money will cover the price of a submersible water pump, solar panels and 4km of 50 mm PVC pipe needed to get the water to the ranger base.

Future Programs

AWW has no boundaries. We are not limited by borders, culture, political parties, or fear. We have the ability and skills to work anywhere there is a need for compassion or conservation, or where there are existing threats to animals. Building relationships, bringing awareness, and illuminating the horrors of poaching on a global scale are not just priorities, but passions. AWW can operate in the most dangerous environments and lend helping hands to the most remote locations in need. If you have suggestions or would like to get in contact with us to discuss any situation, please reach out through this page and follow the link labeled Request Help under the contact us tab to the far right of the home screen. We look forward to forming new collaborations.

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