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Our Story

Ambassadors of World Wildlife (AWW) was born out of the necessity for true wildlife conservation and love of animals. During Philip's first trip to Africa, he was exposed to many different non-profits that were not working in the animal's best interest. They conducted themselves unethically, seeking fame, money, and attention. He contemplated what to do, and was struck by a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness." Throughout life we all face adversity. We can't control what happens to us, but how we choose to react to it can become the story of our lives. In this moment, Philip realized he could do better, even if he had to start all over from scratch. So Philip spent the next two years creating AWW.
The impact model was vivid and clear. AWW could supply rangers with gear and supplies, train them, teach valuable skills, and then leave. AWW recognizes that no one has the interest and safety of these amazing creatures in mind like those who have lived beside them for generations. AWW will adjust resources, gear, and training according to the needs of the rangers and conservancies. This model will have a large and lasting effect on numerous rangers and animals. African park rangers can directly affect the poaching epidemic and turn the tides by creating and sustaining animal habitats. Some conservancies, parks, and reserves just need a little extra help. And that is what AWW was created for.
AWW conducted it's first self-funded pilot trip in late 2016 to the Laikipia Nature Conservancy located at the edge of the Great Rift Valley in Northern Kenya. AWW seamlessly integrated with the Gallmann Africa Conservancy and it's mission of sustainable conservation. AWW has proven it has a workable model and can unequivocally effect animal conservation efforts for the better. With this success, AWW will move forward and continue to help the conversancy's parks and reserves alike.
AWW employees will never have a paid salary because we only want people who are in it for the right reason. There is no money to be made in protecting animals, only experiences gained that money can't buy. AWW will always file a 990EN tax form with the IRS for each tax year to verify no salaries were paid and to also give donors the most detailed explanation as to where donations went and what they were used for.
As good stewards of the land it's our duty to help protect and save endangered animals. Our goal for AWW is to preserve biodiversity while ensuring the protection and coexistence of global ecosystems from the adverse impact of human infringement.
If you would like to support us in our mission to protect wildlife, please consider donating on the How to get involved page.

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