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About Us

Ambassadors of World Wildlife (AWW) is an emerging non-profit that strives to preserve the biodiversity of our planet while ensuring the protection and coexistence of global ecosystems from the adverse impact of human infringement. AWW is willing to travel anywhere in the world to help provide skills, equipment, training, and education to the men and women who are on the forefront of animal conservation.
Although all our team members have backgrounds in the military and special operations, we understand that carrying a weapon in a foreign country in the name of "animal conservation" does not align with AWW's mission statement, program expectations, or long-term goals. AWW believes the use of firearms is not necessary to achieve conservation goals and, in fact, drives the narrative away from the aforementioned goal. For that reason, AWW will leave all aspects of enforcement the host nation's professionals: rangers, local law enforcement, and government wildlife services. AWW aims to make measurable impacts through charitable assistance, education, training, and advising.
AWW is a fully registered not-for-profit organization and is in full compliance with the United States Internal Revenue Service. AWW is exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and was incorporated in August 2016.

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